Amazing Kiss
Zorro and Elena
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Mask of Zorro
Second Initiator: Zorro
Third Reason: Pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 5 Seconds
Fifth Actors: Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
This is the famous kiss shared between male & female protagonists of the 1998 swashbuckling film, The Mask of Zorro.

Zorro Edit

Originally a petty criminal, Alejandro was taken in by the old Zorro and transformed into a modern day swashbuckling hero. Meeting Elena during a break in he fell in love with her right away and his masculine voice and rugged sex appeal drew Elena in like a moth to a flame. Due to his mask Elena did not know Alejandro was Zorro.


21 years old, charismatic, passionate, honorable and impossibly beautiful. After seeing Zorro once, Elena developed an intense sexual attraction to him. She attempted to remain true to her purity and bury her feelings (which she had described as "impure" and "lustful"). When she next saw Zorro he had stolen something from her father. She cornered him in a stable and challenged him to a fencing match and proved to be a formidable opponent even for him.

The StoryEdit

During the fight it was obvious Elena still felt a hot-blooded hunger for him but she was determined to defeat him nonetheless. In an attempt to shift the odds in her favor she removed her gown to reveal her white Bodice which showed off her busty, luscious figure (in the hopes it would distract him). The trick did not work however, as Zorro sliced some of her clothing off to further reveal her leg and shoulder, not putting a scratch on her. When she complimented him he quickly planted a kiss on her mouth to tease her and throw her off her game. The kiss only angered Elena and she furiously attacked him but he swiftly kissed her a second time. Angered further, yet unwillingly aroused, Elena managed to disarm Zorro but he disarmed her in return. Elena made a run for Zorro's sword but he got to hers first and forced her to stand still. It seemed he was going to kill her but instead he sliced off her top clothes so she was completely nude from the underwear up.

Horrified, Elena grabbed Zorro's hat off a barrel to cover her breasts but when she turned back she found Zorro standing only a few inches from her. Shocked that he was standing so close while she was so vulnerable, Elena's rage was drowned by her infatuation. While still shy and slightly frightened, she exchanged brief sensual banter with him, which made her smile warmly.

The KissEdit

Elena looked at Zorro's mouth, her smile fading into a look of slight disbelief. She looked back at Zorro for a moment as if wondering if they were really about to kiss. But once Zorro held the back of her head and began to gently pull her towards him she realized that they were, so she closed her eyes and got ready. Once their lips were less than an inch apart, Zorro tilted his head to the left while Elena opened her mouth wide. Now in full acceptance that she was actually going to snog the man she was besotted with, Elena closed her mouth on Zorro's lips, let out a long exhale of gratification though her nose and the kiss officially began. The two made out for five long seconds with so much raw power that neither of their mouths were visible and they looked glued together. The kiss felt so amazing that Elena moaned deeply and loudly and slipped her tongue into Zorro's mouth. When the two finally broke apart, Elena kissed him again for one little instant.

After the kiss was done, Elena was utterly dumbstruck and left in a flushed love-daze. She looked slightly stoned as Zorro gently caressed her face. Wanting more, Elena closed her eyes and leaned in again but Zorro made a break for it. When Elena's father and his guards showed up Elena was too love-struck, stupefied and blissed out to communicate with them properly. When she managed to get her focus back she said that Zorro fought her and left. She then loudly exclaimed "He left!" to herself, indicating she was mad he had not kissed her again when she tried to get more. When her dad tried to get more information Elena reverted to her blissed out state and could only whisper how he was "Young and vigorous".

Duel - The Mask of Zorro03:56

Duel - The Mask of Zorro

Skip to 3:20 for the kiss

Trivia Edit

  • After Elena's moan a little of her saliva can be seen just next to Zorro's mouth
  • For the first two quick kisses Elena's closes her eyes tightly, screws up her face and tries not to return them
  • Elena's right breast can be seen right after she grabs the hat (for only 1 second)
  • Given her stepfather's wishes that she remain pure, this was likely Elena's first kiss. It is unknown if it was also Zorro's.

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